Mossy Pillar Plus Bonus Hammer


I’m not doing a very good job of updating this blog on a regular basis, am I? Well, all I have to show today is the pillar once again, although this time around I’ve at least learned to make a high quality or “high poly” version with smoother edges and just a tad more detail than before.


Also, I figure I’ll go ahead and throw in a screenshot of a war hammer type weapon that I modeled and textured as part of an in-class exercise (while following the instructor’s lead, that is) in another course of mine, Intro to Game Design & Development. We’re doing a fair bit of 3D modeling in that one as well.

Playing with Pillars


Time to update! I’ve had a couple more classes since my last post, and through them I learned the tools needed to model and texture this pillar. I’ve learned about working with edges, faces, and vertices, as well as functions such as extruding and inserting edge loops. And in last week’s class, we went over UV mapping and how to use the finished UV map to create and apply a texture map to the model. Fun stuff. I have to say that though my pillar may not be perfect, I’m pretty happy with it and my overall progress so far. (And once again, click the images above if you would like to enlarge them.)