Zombie Deer Project


Hello, everyone! In my GAME 1303 class, Intro to Game Design & Development, we’re in the middle of a group project of sorts. My team and I have been tasked with modeling, texturing, rigging, and animating a short scene of our choosing. We decided to show a woman (Huntress) hunting a seemingly healthy buck, only to discover after putting an arrow in it that the deer is, in fact, a flesh-hungry zombie. And thus the hunter becomes the hunted– cue the ominous music.

Believe it or not, the zombie deer was not my idea, despite it being exactly the kind of thing I am interested in. As a result, I’ve been pretty enthusiastic about the assignment throughout. So far I have modeled, UV-mapped, normal-mapped, and rigged this deer– another member of my group did the textures and I made a few adjustments with her permission to do so. I will be animating it this weekend, I hope.

This zombie deer is out for blood and is very excited about it. Just look at that big, deranged grin. I have affectionately dubbed him Snakejaw.


Below is the model as it was first created in Maya:


After applying normals and adding a lower jaw and teeth:


And this is what we’ve ended up with, pending a few final adjustments to the skin/texture.


Here’s the deer’s good (seemingly healthy) side: