Graveyard Scene


Just swinging by to drop off a few things. The image above is the finished product of my final group project in this semester’s 3D Modeling class. My three group members and I were to build a scene of our choosing, with each of us contributing 3-4 assets to the scene. We decided on a graveyard. Everyone sent their assets to me and I put everything together, added the sky in the background, set the lighting, and rendered out the final photo to be submitted to the instructor. Click on photos to see them larger.

My models are posted below:

SpookyTree_URL  GargoyleStatue_URLMurderOfCrows_URL

I partially rigged the crows (created skeletons and bound them to skin) so that I could pose them.

It’s Aliiiiiiive! Zombie Deer Short Video

Well! This short video featuring the zombie deer is about as done as it’s going to be–unless I decide to return to it at a later time for improvements. No doubt there is so much more that I would love to add, alter, etc, but this is what the group and I were able to pull together by the due date and under the weight of other class projects I lack the time to do anything further to this one right now. I am pretty happy with it overall, considering. My instructor has offered to post it at the game department’s new website when it goes up (currently in the works), which I think is pretty exciting. 🙂

My role in this project: Responsible for all animation. Modeled, unwrapped/UV-mapped, and rigged the deer. Made some adjustments to the deer texture/skin given permission by Lizzie, our primary texture artist. Added sky to the scene. Created cameras and lighting. Rendered and edited video and added soundtrack. Did some quick skin weights retouching on the Huntress upon receipt of model.

Soundtrack: “Dark Spirit” published by Freeplaymusic, BMI

Software: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, 3D Coat, XNormal, Windows Movie Maker