Attack & Death Animations

Well, that’s another semester of school down. And with that said, it’s about time I swung by here again and dropped off a couple of animations that I finished the semester with. My demo reel has been updated with these animations, and I cut one or two older animations out:


VGA1 – Wall Set

In this entry: a modular wall set for my Video Game Art class. Was supposed to be a “sci-fi hallway”, but as you can see… well…

Below you’ll see a screenshot taken within UDK. Behind the “Read More” tag you’ll see additional UDK screenshots, plus screenshots from within 3DS Max, and the wall set’s diffuse, specular, and normal maps.

I’ll confess, I’m missing a few of this assignment’s required maps at this time: specular power and luminosity. Also haven’t yet managed to build the proper lighting in my UDK scene/level. In other words, it ain’t quite finished. :/




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