Manspider Animations

Just signing in to drop off a video of some animations I’ve done for a lil’ video game that my team and I are working on in a class of mine. I guess you could say we never did agree on a name for this character– we started off calling it the spider demon and somewhere along the way it became the manspider (since spiderman is, of course, already taken and very well-known), so I tend to compromise by calling it the manspider demon. Anyway, I rigged and animated this spider guy and have had a bit of fun doing so!

11 Second Club February 2015

In my animation class this semester (3D Animation IV) our first major assignment was to participate in the February edition of the 11 Second Club competition! This marks my first time as a participant, and to be honest, well… I really wasn’t a fan of that particular month’s audio clip. It was a line spoken by Matthew McConaughey on the TV show True Detective. You guys, I don’t even know. I had a difficult time generating an idea for this line, and before I knew it we were 1.5 weeks into the competition/assignment and I was still storyboarding, so in the end I had to just pick something and go with it. Anyway, tried out the Morpheus rig this time. He isn’t exactly my favorite to work with, but I liked him well enough. Anyway, enough about all that. Here’s my animation.

It finished at #88 of 205 entries, so 11 Second Club was kind enough to stamp a little “Top 100” ribbon on the video, hah. It’s funny, a classmate and I actually placed just two slots apart from each other. Pretty neat! I’ll be keeping a closer eye on 11 Second Club from now on, and if one of these months they post an audio clip that really grabs me, I will absolutely go for it. I’m confident that I can make something much better given the inspiration.

Here’s the storyboard:


Couple ‘o Anims – Technomancer and Pteranodon

Just as the title says, I’m reappearing after almost THREE MONTHS of inactivity, wow… Wow. And I’m just here to drop off a few short and simple animations that due in my rigging class at the end of this past semester. Nothing fancy to see here, just a human fidget animation and a pteranodon doing some idle, fidget, and attack animations (the pteranodon rig was a little sketchy but it got the job done). But hey, this is better than nothing, yeah? …Yeah?? Okay.

Lioness and Horse Animations

Just dropping off a couple of animations today. First is a lioness walk cycle. This was an in-class assignment to animate a quadruped walk cycle, which I was totally happy to do because I adore four-legged critters and creatures of all kinds… real and imagined. I had done a horse walk cycle before, so I decided to do a lion this time to try and capture the fluid, relaxed way that they move (a horse’s locomotion is typically more controlled– not stiff, just not as free as the felines tend to be).

Next up is a series of horse animations that I’ve been playing around with lately, on and off. Really, all I set out to do was a quick animation of a horse scratching an itch on its hind leg– from there I just kept on adding to it because, well, I love horses. That’s enough, right? 🙂

Push/Pull Animation

This is a render of a recent push/pull animation assignment for my 3D Animation class. One of the primary goals of this assignment was to become familiar with working with constraints. This wasn’t entirely new to me as I had done a little experimenting with constrained objects before and already had a push animation in my demo reel… however, I think this animation is an improvement over the other.

As you can see, there’s quite a bit happening; seems I didn’t know when to stop! I definitely wanted to get both a push and pull in there, then I threw in a few objects to react to the movement of the bookcase. Then a classmate suggested that the bookcase collide with a standing floor lamp, so I threw one of those in there too. I should mention that none of the objects used in this animation were modeled by me.

You can see a playblast version here. It isn’t all that different or special, but hey, why not?

Jump and Walk Animations

Just realized that I added these few animations (walk, jump) to my demo reel, but didn’t post them individually here. These were done for my 3D Animation II class.

See reference video here (it’s me). The final animation was made to be a bit looser than the reference video, with more motion in the arms and legs. My jump recording was admittedly pretty stiff and constricted.

Walk cycle (peppy, upbeat, confident)

Walk cycle dragging leg

Updated Demo Reel 2/8/14

I’ve updated my 3D Animation demo reel, though not by much. Added a couple of new, small animations, and I re-rendered all the old animations at a higher quality.

Edit 2/25: Finally gave this poor horse a rudimentary mane and tail. Modeled and textured (and animated, of course) by me, the mane and tail aren’t the greatest but I think they’ll do for now.

I also recently registered a domain for hosting my demo reel– another long-overdue item now checked off my list. Check it out!

Intro to Tech Animation & Rendering – Brute Warrior Animation

Our final project for this class was to create a short animation of this Brute Warrior lifting his axe from where it’s embedded in a rock. The Brute Warrior was modeled by David Jennison ( for use by ACC and its students, and I believe rigged by my instructor, Brandon Lackey.

Playblast in Maya:

Final animation, composited and rendered in Adobe Premiere: