Storyboard Animatic – Mystic Wood

Above is my final project (animatic) for my Storyboard class in the fall. Overall I’m pretty happy with it, although I’ll admit I may have gotten a little carried away… for something that was only supposed to be an animatic, I mean. All imagery was drawn in Photoshop using my tablet and compiled in Premiere.

The class was given complete creative freedom for this assignment, which I thought was wonderful. Unfortunately, so much freedom meant that I struggled to pick a premise and stick with it… Too many ideas to choose from. Finally, I turned to music for answers, as I often find inspiration in music for cinema. In the end I chose Mystic Hood published by It was the final, closing notes of the song that inspired that final, closing shot. I essentially worked backward from there.

Storyboard – “Mounting the Rescue”

“Two companions distract two guards as a third companion sneaks by to take something.”

That was the premise given for this assignment from my storyboard class last fall. Click the image below to see the storyboard in full. The script can be read here. This was done in felt-tip pen and Copic markers, for the curious.