VGA1 – Wall Set

In this entry: a modular wall set for my Video Game Art class. Was supposed to be a “sci-fi hallway”, but as you can see… well…

Below you’ll see a screenshot taken within UDK. Behind the “Read More” tag you’ll see additional UDK screenshots, plus screenshots from within 3DS Max, and the wall set’s diffuse, specular, and normal maps.

I’ll confess, I’m missing a few of this assignment’s required maps at this time: specular power and luminosity. Also haven’t yet managed to build the proper lighting in my UDK scene/level. In other words, it ain’t quite finished. :/




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VGA 1 – Simple Crate

Simple crate model done for class… It isn’t yet finished as, unfortunately, 3DS Max and I are not quite in agreement with each other yet. The maps could all use a lot of improvement; even painting in some scratches/scuffs on the diffuse would really help, but I’ve just run out of time. I may update it later when I can find the time and will post up a better version here. Honestly, I wouldn’t be posting this publicly if class didn’t require it as I am seriously not satisfied with it.

UDK screenshot:


3DS Max screenshots, front view and back view:


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VGA 1 – Painting Normals

Per class requirements, I’m posting below a simple (and quite unattractive, in my opinion) normal map that I painted in Photoshop in class last week as part of an in-class exercise.


To finish the exercise, I learned how to create a material in 3DSMax, load my freshly painted normal map, and assign the material with normal map to a plane. You can see the final product below lit by a small “free light”.


I’ll admit I’m not too familiar with 3DSMax yet, as I learned animation and some rudimentary modeling entirely in Maya. You know what this means… new software to tackle!

VGA Intro Post – A Favorite Game


One of my all-time favorite video games is Red Dead Redemption by Rockstar Games.What first sparked my interest in this game before it was released in 2010 was a screencap of the game’s main character, John Marston, sitting stop the back of a horse and gazing out across the vast landscape of the then-undeveloped American west.

In truth, it was the horse in the image that caught my eye. I am a huge fan of animals and other creatures, real and imagined, in video games and film, and it was clear to me immediately from that screencap that a great deal of care and attention had been given to the horses in Red Dead Redemption. (I should mention that the image I’ve posted above is not the screencap described, but one that I set as my desktop wallpaper in the months leading up to the game’s release.)

Of course, there is so much more to the game than the accurate appearance and locomotion of the horses (and other animals abundant throughout the game). In playing Red Dead I truly felt as if I had become a part of that world. I came to care very much about the fate of the character I played and the plethora of quirky characters I crossed paths with in my virtual travels. I also thoroughly enjoyed the ability to interact with the environment in ways I had never expected, such as shooting any bird within range out of the sky, and locating its fallen carcass to collect feathers which I could then sell at a general store in town. Also, roping deer on horseback… and much, much more. But I’ll leave it at that for now.

In short, great game!