VGA1 – Wall Set

In this entry: a modular wall set for my Video Game Art class. Was supposed to be a “sci-fi hallway”, but as you can see… well…

Below you’ll see a screenshot taken within UDK. Behind the “Read More” tag you’ll see additional UDK screenshots, plus screenshots from within 3DS Max, and the wall set’s diffuse, specular, and normal maps.

I’ll confess, I’m missing a few of this assignment’s required maps at this time: specular power and luminosity. Also haven’t yet managed to build the proper lighting in my UDK scene/level. In other words, it ain’t quite finished. :/




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Push/Pull Animation

This is a render of a recent push/pull animation assignment for my 3D Animation class. One of the primary goals of this assignment was to become familiar with working with constraints. This wasn’t entirely new to me as I had done a little experimenting with constrained objects before and already had a push animation in my demo reel… however, I think this animation is an improvement over the other.

As you can see, there’s quite a bit happening; seems I didn’t know when to stop! I definitely wanted to get both a push and pull in there, then I threw in a few objects to react to the movement of the bookcase. Then a classmate suggested that the bookcase collide with a standing floor lamp, so I threw one of those in there too. I should mention that none of the objects used in this animation were modeled by me.

You can see a playblast version here. It isn’t all that different or special, but hey, why not?

VGA 1 – Simple Crate

Simple crate model done for class… It isn’t yet finished as, unfortunately, 3DS Max and I are not quite in agreement with each other yet. The maps could all use a lot of improvement; even painting in some scratches/scuffs on the diffuse would really help, but I’ve just run out of time. I may update it later when I can find the time and will post up a better version here. Honestly, I wouldn’t be posting this publicly if class didn’t require it as I am seriously not satisfied with it.

UDK screenshot:


3DS Max screenshots, front view and back view:


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Jump and Walk Animations

Just realized that I added these few animations (walk, jump) to my demo reel, but didn’t post them individually here. These were done for my 3D Animation II class.

See reference video here (it’s me). The final animation was made to be a bit looser than the reference video, with more motion in the arms and legs. My jump recording was admittedly pretty stiff and constricted.

Walk cycle (peppy, upbeat, confident)

Walk cycle dragging leg

Updated Demo Reel 2/8/14

I’ve updated my 3D Animation demo reel, though not by much. Added a couple of new, small animations, and I re-rendered all the old animations at a higher quality.

Edit 2/25: Finally gave this poor horse a rudimentary mane and tail. Modeled and textured (and animated, of course) by me, the mane and tail aren’t the greatest but I think they’ll do for now.

I also recently registered a domain for hosting my demo reel– another long-overdue item now checked off my list. Check it out!